Jessica Williams is an artist based in Los Angeles.

b. 1983, Los Angeles, CA


MFA in Painting, Columbia University, New York NY

BFA in Painting, Rhode Island School of Design


2021 Tunnel of Love, Projet Pangée, Montreal (forthcoming March 18)

2020 Exhibition A, Collaborative print edition

2019 Jessica Williams + Alexia Leferte-Coutu, "Between Two Eternities", Projet Pangée, Montreal, January 19- March 2

2017 Fire Season, SADE, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Realm of the Real, Galeria La Esperanza, Mexico City, Mexico

2015 Only Girl In The World, Young Art, Los Angeles

2012 Intimate Values, Young Art, Los Angeles

2011 Sick Like Glue, Important Projects, Oakland

2011 I'm Coming Over, Young Art, Los Angeles

2007 No Melody Harder, Thierry Goldberg, New York


2021, Hang in They're, curated by Perwana Nazif & Julia Leonard, Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) at Los Angeles Historic Park, June 5

2021 Anxiety, HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2020 Delusional Chaperone, Nikholis Planck, Jessica Williams, Waldemar Zimbelmann, Insect, Los Angeles, Feb 22- March 21

2019 The cold will pay. The wind will pay. curated by Zoe Koke, UCLA Studios, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Replica, Insect Gallery, curated by Adam Alessi

2019 The Crystal Ship (curatorial), Insect, Los Angeles,

2019 Material Art Fair, Mexico City, Projet Pangée

2019 Clear objects, Like Lalique, Mexico City, Feb 9- March 15, curated by Nick Farhi, Kate Messinger, and Sarah Schulman

2018 Best in Show, That-That, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Laura Watters and Kaylie Schiff

2018 Screenings, Laemmle North Hollywood, curated by Conor Thompson

2018 Fool's Gold, Noysky Projects, curated by Sean Noyce, Los Angeles

2018 Art Athina, SADE Booth, June 21-24, Athens Greece

2018 Group Show, Artist Projects International, curated by Alberto Cuadros, Los Angeles

2018 Sun-Kissed Chokehold, Y53, curated by Kaylie Schiff and Laura Watters, Los Angeles

2018 ANNEX, M+B, Los Angeles, curated by Jay Ezra Nayssan

2017 ...feel it... feel it..., The Diogenes Club, Los Angeles CA, curated by Alt.a.mira

2017 Group show, Minibar, Pasadena CA, curated by Phil Davis

2017 Bar Oslo, SADE, Los Angeles,curated by Alberto Cuadros

2017 OH!, Ditch Projects, Oregan, curated by Lauren Graycar/ KIMA

2017 Amplify Compassion Benefit for ACLU, 356 Mission

2016 Human Condition, The Hospital, Los Angeles

2016 Roman a Clef, Rainbow in Spanish, Los Angeles, curated by Mateo Tannatt

2016 Group Show, Soho House Hollywood, curated by Sharon Zoldan

2016 Rema Hort Mann Los Angeles Benefit Auction, January 29

2015 LAXART 10 Year Anniversary Benefit, Los Angeles, November 15

2015 9800 Sepulveda Show, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Courtney Malick

2015 NADA NEW YORK, May 14-17

2015 Joshing the Watershed, Del Vaz Projects, Los Angeles, curated by Alex Chaves

2015 Sincerely Yours, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA

2014 Sargent's Daughters, Sargent's Daughters, New York

2014 Mental Furniture, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Petrella's Imports

2014 They're There, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Dane Johnso

2013 NADA Art Fair, Young Art Booth, Miami

2013 Summer Wheat, Mira Dancy, Jessica Williams, Thierry Goldberg, New York

2013 Real Time and Outer-Life, Young Art, Los Angeles, curated by Paul Forney

2012 NADA Art Fair, Young Art Booth, Miami

2012 Prince At The Forum, Beacon Arts Building, Inglewood, curated by Joshua Nathanson

2008 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Columbia University, New York

2007 First-Year Exhibition, Columbia University, New York


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UCLA School of Art, Lecturer, Drawing I, Fall 2021
UCLA School of Art, Lecturer, Drawing I, Fall 2020
UCLA School of Art, Lecturer, Drawing I, Fall 2019
UCLA School of Art, Lecturer, Painting I, Winter 2019
UCLA School of Art, Lecturer, Painting I, Spring 2018


2019 Catwalk Institute/ Catwalk Arts Residency, Catskill, New York, March - April

2004 Oxbow Summer Residency, Saugatuck MI